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Someone I knew quite well and to whom I felt close has been charged with a serious crime. It came as a big shock and when I heard of it I felt very ill the entire day. This man is a good husband and father. He treats others right. I had always the highest respect for this person.

The experience has caused me to ponder the person behind the criminal. How many of those in the penitential system are good husbands and fathers? How many of them were otherwise charitable and loving and kind? How many others garnered respect of all who knew them?

It is easy for us, as strangers, to look at a reported crime in the paper and agree with the sentence issued knowing that justice was served. It is harder when it is someone you know and a judgement passed on a punishment makes the pangs of the heart even stronger.

5 thoughts on “Crime

  1. I’m kind of on the opposite side of the coin.

    It looks like a family member may have swindled another family member out of a huge chunk of money.

    Now we have conflicting emotions here. We want justice but do we want to send a relative to prison.

    It’s stressful.

  2. I think it came as a shock to a lot of us Kim. I never would have guessed it.

    I’ve always been an advocate of alternative/flexible sentencing. I think that in the case you’re describing (feels like we’re sharing a big inside joke or something) that jail time should be out of the question. The individual in question is highly respected, and is, as you said, an excellent father and member of the community.

  3. I still have the highest respect for him. He made some mistakes, and I don’t even pretend to judge at all, because I don’t have the desire or right. I agree, in this case, jail time shouldn’t be the issue. There shoudl be some flexibility in sentencing. My heart breaks for what he and his family are going through right now.

  4. The interesting thing is that most criminals love their families and are loved by them.

    It can be heartbreaking to drive from Dallas to Galveston and listen to the prison radio stations (there is one out of Houston that serves the prison population) and to listen to family members send out messages and to listen to it all.

    The sad think is the way everyone comes down, and so few come up.

    Wish everyone well in this sadness.

  5. Mary et. all…
    I too was charged with a HEINOUS crime, many people who heard of it assumed it was true, they (even after knowing me) never thought to come to me and ask. This was the case with my bishop, he was counsler to the alleged victim and I felt betrayed by Heavenly Father that he didnt send witness to him (being the steward of my ward) that this was not only false but inflaming!
    I have since forgiven him Bishop, and have realized that only by asking HF for his constant guidance and help can we truly know who to trust.

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