Melding My Thoughts into Our Thoughts

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Thanks for letting me be a part of Our Thoughts. Please allow me to indulge you with a few words about myself.

I’m a 26 year old guy from Medicine Hat, Alberta. I bought a house on the South Side of Lethbridge in September 2002 and have been studying New Media at the University of Lethbridge since that time.

The first Milner, related to me, to join the church was John Brewitt Milner sometime in the mid 1800’s). I’m a descendant of Mormon stock from way back on both sides of my family so if you, gentle reader, have “Mormon Pioneer” relatives then there’s probably a chance we’re related.

I went on a mission to Salt Lake City in 1998 and had plenty of good and bad experiences there. Now I consider myself more of a believer in science than faith but I still like to discuss religion in a civil and logical manner. Please forgive me if I ever end up making a sharp comment toward something you say or believe – I’ll do my best not to let that happen.

In my spare time I post to my blog and I go on trips to Disneyland. Actually, though southern California is one of my favourite places to visit, I love to travel a lot and have been slowly travelling the world one voyage at a time. Most recently I took part in a 7 week excursion to South-East Asia on a Cultural Studies trip arranged by the U of L.

I’m not married and never have been but I can say it hasn’t been for a lack of trying. I guess it’s better to break an engagement or two than go through a divorce. I’m sure I’ll meet “her” soon enough.

I love to play sports, basketball and volleyball were my favourites growing up. I swam for the Pronghorns swim team for 3 years and now I get most of my exercise playing on an intramural water polo team. I also enjoy kayaking in the mountains when it is warm enough.

I heard a quote on TV the other day and it sparked a nice little discussion with one of my friends and his wife so now I’m posting it here as some food for thought:

“A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you agree? If not then what do you reckon is the masterpiece of nature?

8 thoughts on “Melding My Thoughts into Our Thoughts

  1. Well you can be sure that my grandmother (originally from Barnwell) probably knows your grandparents, or at least their siblings or cousins. She’s the master of making South Alberta family connections.

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