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Last night, I was spending some time trying to track down old friends and people I taught on my mission. I was saddened to come across the obituary of John O’berto who died in 2002.

We taught John in the spring and early summer of 1993. He was a great guy who embraced the gospel. He was on his second marriage and his wife was a member. They owned a cafe and let missionaries eat there once a month for free.

I left only a couple of days before his baptism, so I lost track of how things turned out.

Well, the obituary states that he remained active in the Church. He went to the temple the following year, and was sealed to his wife and her children. He was an instructor in the high priests group and when he died, he was serving in the high priests group leadership.

I’ve only ever been able to find out what happened with one of the people we taught, so this was very encouraging. I just wish I could find the others.

2 thoughts on “Convert

  1. I am glad that you found him but saddened at the thought of his death. You can take comfort in knowing he had worked hard these past 10 years and now can be with his family for eternity.

  2. It’s a nice blessing that my wife an I were baptised in the email age. We’ve been able to stay pretty close with the elders who were involved in our conversion. I have to go on a business trip to Utah in the near future. I’m looking forward to seeing them and meeting their wives and families.

    Hope you have better luck in your searching.

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