New Prophet

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In 25 years, we’ll be celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Church. I am doubtful that 95-year-old Gordon Hinckley will be alive then. Which means that a new president of the church will lead us into our third century.

There have already been more presidents serving in the last century (Heber J. Grant to Gordon B. Hinckley) than in the first century (Joseph Smith to Heber J. Grant). so, who knows how many more there will be.

Presumably, the next president of the Church could end up serving as long a Heber J. Grant (27 years) or Brigham Young (30 years), and we’ll only have one more president of the church before 2030. However Heber J. Grant was around 62 when he was called and Brigham Young was 46. Thomas S. Monson is the current Heir Apparent, but he is 78. While it is possible he will live to be 103, it is doubtful.

I wonder who it will be.

3 thoughts on “New Prophet

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me much if President Hinckley outlives his counselors and a couple of apostles.

  2. I don’t have a list of Apostles ages handy. I don’t think it would be any great surprise if Elder Bednar or Uchtdorf(sp?) would be the prophet at that time though.

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