Purpose of Home Teaching

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Have we lost the purpose of home teaching? Is home teaching supposed to be more than soclialising and reading a five-minute message? Is there any point in going at all if that is all it is? Is home teaching making a difference in church participation among the members? Are the home teachers seeing any benefit from going?

9 thoughts on “Purpose of Home Teaching

  1. I hope many, many home teachers are doing more with their visits than mere socializing and a 5-minute lesson. My home teachers are, and I am as a home teacher.

    Perhaps the best example I can think of is the myriad of ways my wife and children were looked after by our home teacher while I was in Afghanistan for four months. He provided transportation and a lot of other support when I couldn’t be there.

  2. I’ve had some amazing home teachers. Really generous, helpful, kind people. I’ve asked them to give me and my kids blessings when my husband was inactive. I’ve had them show up at the hospital when I was in the ICU to give me a blessing (and I have no idea how they found out I was in the hosp.) It’s a valuable program, believe me.

    I know when everyone’s doing fine it can seem like a waste of time. But you do it during the good times so that you know them, and they know you, when the bad times come, and you need some help.

  3. Yes, I’ve been surprised at how long some families go without being served by home teachers. My son and I became home teachers to a member of our bishopric. That family gave us a little gift last month, telling us how much they appreciated our coming, and that in the six years they’ve been married, we’re the first home teachers who have come.

    Clearly there’s a long way to go for a lot of people before home teaching becomes what it should be throughout the Church.

    One idea: Call your home teachers and ask if you can set up an appointment for them to come over.

  4. Well, since Kim is the EQ president and they actually report to him we have tried that. Still doesn’t work. Sigh.

    Oh well, both their wives gave us meals when Aisling was born, so that was very kind and generous. I just feel that we aren’t that important when our Hometeachers don’t even make an effort. :(

  5. Sometimes there’s a long list of families assigned to one companionship and they prioritize their visits for the families that they feel need them most. To my mind, that would often be the families that aren’t very active. The undesirable result is that the very active families get left out. I think prioritizing is OK, but when the active families are neglected consistently and chronically, there’s a problem.

  6. Home teaching is about being there. It is about gaining their trust. It is about helping them should the need arise. My father was inactive for nearly 60 years. We had some good home teachers through the years. But the one e has now went above the call of duty. My Dad had a problem with his roof so his home teacher came over and fixed it. My Dad was so impressed that he started going to church again. A week before their 49th wedding anniversary my parents were sealed in the Seattle temple. I was kneeling beside them with my 2 sisters. It was the Happiest moment of my life. That is what Home Teaching is about.

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