Missionary Work

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Have you had a co-worker approach you about his/her church?

Have you had a client/customer approach you about his/her church?

Have you had a neighbour approach you about his/her church?

Have you had a friend approach you about his/her church?

Have you had someone at the bus stop approach you about his/her church?

2 thoughts on “Missionary Work

  1. A co-worker where I used to work invited me to a musical show about the gospel at her church, and I attended it with my wife.

    At the store where I bought a punching bag for my son, the sales person who helped me gave me a card announcing the location and times of services at his church.

    One day, as I was walking across the parking lot at Costco my sons, a man gave us a shiny coin and told us that it was the biggest secret in the world. The words “Jesus Christ” on one side of the coin are surrounded by quotes from Hebrews 2:3 and John 14:16, and the other side of the coin has John 3:16.

    When I was a graduate student, one of my officemates told me about the good experience that he was having attending a Unitarian church, and he suggested that it would be a good choice for any thinking person who cared about religion.

    When my daughter was in middle school, her friend invited her to visit the youth programs at her Presbyterian church, and I later accepted an invitation from the father of my daughter’s friend to visit the Sunday service at the same church.

    When I was an LDS missionary, my companion and I accepted an invitation from our landlady to attend the funeral of a man whom we had not known. One of the good things about it was that we got to hear a lot about how the community where we lived had developed over the man’s lifetime.

    All of these events took place in California.

  2. Co-worker: Can’t remember. Don’t think so. I’ve had them ask about my church, though.

    Client/customer: No.

    Neighbor: Sort of. We talked religion.

    Friend: No, but I was invited to some LDS youth activities by a Mormon friend when I was a teen.

    Bus stop: I think I’ve been given weird cartoon pamphlets. Haven’t been at a bus stop in years.

    Other: I’ve had my son’s friend’s mom give me JW materials that explained why her son couldn’t attend my son’s birthday parties. And I’ve had lots of strangers knock on the door. (JW’s)

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