Members and politics?

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Should a member use membership lists, email lists and ward/stake directories to ask members to vote them in the upcoming election whether it be civil, city council, provincial or federal? Is that taking the church membership and abusing it? What if they ask members to forward their email that they received to everyone in their address book and your inbox gets inundated with mail from tons of people with screens and screens of other people’s email address knowing that now your name is being circulated on how many other people’s computers?

6 thoughts on “Members and politics?

  1. First Presidency Reaffirms Political Neutrality
    23 October 2000

    In this election year, we reaffirm the Church’s long-standing policy of political neutrality. The Church does not endorse any political party, political platform, or candidate. Church facilities, directories, and mailing lists are not to be used for political purposes.

    Candidates for public office should not imply that their candidacy is endorsed by the Church or its leaders, and Church leaders and members should avoid statements or conduct that may be interpreted as Church endorsement of any political party or candidate. In addition, members who hold public office should not give the impression they represent the Church as they work for solutions to social problems.

    We urge Church members to study the issues and candidates carefully and prayerfully and then vote for those they believe will most nearly carry out their ideas of good government. Latter-day Saints are under special obligation to seek out and then uphold leaders who will act with integrity and are “wise,” “good,” and “honest” (see Doctrine and Covenants 98:10).

    As personal circumstances allow, we encourage men and women in the Church to serve in public offices of either election or appointment—including school boards, city and county councils and commissions, state legislatures, and national offices.

    The First Presidency

  2. No, they shouldn’t, and yes that’s abusing it.

    Years ago a RS counsellor passed out flyers for the Social credit Party (in BC) after Relief Society one Sunday, and when I protested, she got allhuffy and said ” we are supposed to vote and be involved”. Well, yeah. But that doesn’t mean I like the Socreds nor am I going to feel obligated to vote for them. It bothers me when members of the Church feel they should push their political agenda on other members and believe we should all vote the same way.

  3. There are FOIPP and PIPEDA issues involved here. (The provicial and federal information privacy acts)

    If membership lists are used in such a fashion, or forwarded to a third party for use, the church may be in a situation where civil or criminal actions could be initiated.

    …and that would be a bad thing.

  4. It indicates right on any lists generated by MLS that they are for church use only.

  5. “For Church Use Only”… it couldn’t be clearer. If you have knowledge of membership information being misued, please contact a member your stake presidency with the specifics.

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