One Life

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Genesis 2:24 states that “a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” I have often thought about this, particularly the last part of the verse.

The term “one flesh” seems to have received the meaning that what was once the husband’s life and the wife’s life has come together and been replaced with a joint, common life.

So I am left to wonder then if statements like “we are so glad this baby has come into our life [as opposed to lives]” or “we are happy with our life [as opposed to lives] together” are accurate.

Does a man and a woman both give up their individual lives in an effort to build a common life? If so, how does a common life look and operate?

5 thoughts on “One Life

  1. When I was first married I determined that I wanted to try to live each moment of my life as if my wife were watching me. This is one sense in which I wanted to convert my individual life into a joint life.

    I haven’t fully succeeded in that goal, but I do think it’s worthy.

  2. My wife and I use the same bank account, does that count?

    There of course should be unity between husband and wife. I think that this unity of “one flesh” will not necissarily be realized in this lifetime. But I beleive that it will be necissary for the Celestial kingdom.

  3. Cleaving is one thing that can help unite as one flesh. When cleaving unto your spouse, in theory, you are leaving behind your old habits, support groups and even friends and relying wholly on your spouse. That is a step towards one flesh, that I see.

    And, yes, I think sharing a bank account helps!

  4. I don’t know if I can fully agree with Jonah. I don’t think cleaving to one’s spouse is equal to “relying wholly” on one’s spouse. But I understand and agree with the overall point.

  5. Not too pick on Jonah’s comment, but I think one should leave behind habits and relationships that are incompatible with married life, but I sure hope that one is not expected to abandon friendships regardless of gender just because of marriage. Sure your life changes naturally and your relationships change, but to abandon friendships…no way. Having connections and activities with friends outside the family circle is almost essential for sanity…living in the far north has taught both my wife and myself that life lesson.

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