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Can prophets have their own opinions? Can they teach their own opinions? Can they teach their own opinions from the pulpit? Can they teach their own opinions as doctrine? Can they interpret scripture to support their opinions?

Do prophets no longer have their own opinions? Are they always in communication with God? Is all that leaves their tongues the word of God?

What’s the difference between opinion and doctrine?

12 thoughts on “Opinion

  1. Once again, we could answer this question if the church would just enact the Wear The Purple Hat When Speaking Doctrine theory.


  2. When something becomes embarrassing to the Church, it’s opinion. If it’s not embarrassing, it’s (still) doctrine.


  3. I don’t think I can trust anything I read at the FAIR site.

    I’ve heard that it is not the official church stance but is in fact at ‘arm’s length’ from the church as an organization.

    Sorry, I need to see something from a prophet telling us what is doctrine, just to be sure that it’s official.

    If the prophet wouldn’t mind wearing the purple ‘it’s the official word of God right now, and not some personal speculation by me’ hat as well, that’d be great.

  4. FAIR, apologetics that they are, define doctrine so narrowly precisely to avoid the embarrassing stuff. Basically they say doctrine is anything that conforms to the standard works and makes sense to you.

    Not a very helpful definition, but then, they are the goalkeepers, so we shouldn’t expect them to want to defend a large goal.

  5. Well, OK the fair article is not doctrine in itself, but I see no evidence that it contradicts scripture and…it’s logical. But I see your point for why it isn’t air tight.

    So indeed, the purple hat idea would be helpful. Fortunately we are given the gift of the Holy Ghost in lieu of the purple hat. Since we’re accountable for what we do then we better be dang sure it’s not just our own personal opinions. Some would say that can’t be relied upon in the way that a purple hat could, but that’s another debate altogether…

  6. If we’re going to discount everything that isn’t doctrine in a discussion about what is or isn’t doctrine, then doesn’t the discussion itself become completely meaningless?

    (Just in case it isn’t already meaningless, I mean.)

  7. “The trouble with us today, there are too many of us who put question marks instead of periods after what the Lord says.”
    —Harold B. Lee

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