Key to Happy Marriage

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I love you.

15 thoughts on “Key to Happy Marriage

  1. My wife gets frustrated with me when all I want to do is whatever she wants. “Where do you want to eat?” “What movie do you want to see?” She tries to get me to weigh in and I honestly don’t want anything but to give her what she wants. When she doesn’t have much of an opinion either, it turns into a really comical impasse.

  2. ltbugaf, I can so relate to that.

    There’s nothing on a worse on a Friday night than getting into an argument about ‘why don’t you have an opinion?’. lol

  3. I thought the key to a happy marriage was letting your husband do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. I guess I’m as misguided as Rick……lol!!

  4. A bishop from my childhood ward gave a talk in Sacrament meeting on the topic of “the three most important words in a marriage.” Then he made the entire congregation stand up and practice saying them out loud and with enthusiasm: “I was wrong.”

  5. Can you have a “Happy Marriage” and still be secretly e-mailing an old boy/girlfriend? It’s just that my life is so boring, I just need people to talk to, and I don’t think my spouse would understand. Our e-mail conversations are innocent, and he/she lives far away.

  6. I think it is important to have open communication and honesty with your spouse, and secretly emailing an old boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t allow for that. If you are feeling bored in your marriage, the key is to find out what is wrong and work on it. If your spouse doesn’t understand then your marriage does need work. Your spouse SHOULD be your best friend, confidant and you should be able to totally trust him/her.

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