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For those who haven’t been watching, we currently have two posts running neck and neck toward 100 comments (Anti-Gay and Pressured Revelation). This week has given us more comments than ever before, and we’re about to break a huge milestone at Our Thoughts. That is if the topics don’t die out as they seem to be doing.

I know it’s not poker, but bets are now open on which of the two will reach 100 comments first.

Oh, and a special thank goes out to ltbugraf for making all this possible. We couldn’t have done it without him…er…her…um…yeah, ok.

6 thoughts on “100 Comments

  1. It looks like the “Pressured Revelation” thread won. And I think mine might have been the 100th comment (as I polish my finger nails on my lapel–though Itbugaf really deserves the honor)


  2. If it’s a comprehensive travel plan (for a family of eight) ranging from Vancouver to Nova Scotia, I’ll take it! I have yet to visit the famed Shangrila beyond the northern horizon.


  3. Mum, you shouldn’t be trying for something because there is a reward. The joy you receive for working toward a goal should be reward enough.

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