Snarker Revealed

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It turns out Mary isn’t as non-confrontational as I thought. I can’t believe she has been keeping this from me.

4 thoughts on “Snarker Revealed

  1. To my recollection, Mary has been unfailingly polite–even to someone as obnoxious as I am.

  2. :) Thanks ltbugaf. I just can’t help being nice, except to Nestle and doctors who think women can’t have babies. But I digress.

    I already SAID, it’s not me (who has time for one??)

  3. Mary,

    I left that comment on the snark’s blog. You are about the most UN-snark like person in the bloggernacle, and I hope you understood my (perhaps lame) attempt at humor as a backhanded compliment.

    Mark IV

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