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Mormons believe in degrees of glory (see D&C 76 and 131). So, why do we describe eveything as good or bad, or view obedience as black and white?

11 thoughts on “Dualism

  1. I have pondered this as well.

    In my life, I sometimes think that even if I don’t make it to the highest degree, the other degrees are still wonderful. Why worry about it.

    Then I think to myself that unless I strive for that highest degree, I will always be stuck in one of the other degrees wishing I had been more faithful. That can lead to a black and white attitude really.

    Celestial Kingdom or Bust!

  2. once I reached Celestial Glory ( no conceit in my family) will I be so at peace with myself that I won’t be just sitting there then pining away for those of my children/grandchildren etc that never made it? Will I miss them as much then as I do now for those that are not around me? If yes the feelings will be the same, then what’s the point?

  3. So…are we trying to figure out just how bad we get to be? I’m perplexed by the desire to find degrees of obedience rather than simply aim for perfect obedience.

  4. Sigh.

    No. That’s not it. It’s exactly what Kim said at the end of the post. He (nor I am sure anyone else) is trying to see just how bad they can be.

    ltbugaf, I thought you would know Kim by now? He honestly doesn’t have any hidden meanings in his queries.

  5. I believe it was Joseph Smith that made a comment similar to if any of us could even peek into the Telestial (sp?) kingdwom, we’d be killing ourselves to get in.

    Interesting, if nothing else.

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