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Apparently, some people confuse me with Kaimi of Times and Seasons. Is this common? Are there others in the bloggernacle who are confused for each other (Bannergate notwithstanding)?

11 thoughts on “Kaimi

  1. I can’t imagine anyone could mix up Kaimi with Kim. Although, I did think Kaimi was a woman for about a week when I first started reading T&S.

    There are several people I confuse regularly in the bloggernacle, but is usually because they both have extremely common names. Eric Russell and Eric Stone, for example.

    I often mix up Athena and Artemis as well. Too many goddesses to keep straight!

  2. I get mixed up with Sue, Sue M and probably a bunch of other Susan-ish people that I’m mistaking for one another.

    I didn’t realize some people hadn’t made the connection that I post at Kulturblog under my full name.

  3. I never get confused with names… although I have to admit my confusion comes after an hour of reading Kim’s posts and all the replies :)

  4. Susan M – Sue and Sue M are the same person – me. I dropped the M to try to avoid people confusing me with you… ;>

  5. That’s actually really funny, Geoff (J). Sometimes I’ll be reading a comment and I’ll get really upset and say, “I can’t believe Geoff J. is saying this stuff!” and then I’ll check the name again and see it’s really Geoff B.

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