Family Values

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I’ve heard the term “family values” thrown around in the media, on blogs and even in church. Can someone explain to me what family values are and why they are called “family values” and not just “values”?

4 thoughts on “Family Values

  1. Perhaps because they are values that are percieved as making families strong? Or not damaging to young, impressionable minds?

  2. “Family values” is a euphimism for the subset of values dealing with the regulation of sex (without which there would be no families).

  3. Sex alone doesn’t make families. Sex unbridled makes for an anarchic society without families. It is the values which control sex and turn it to constructive use that result in the stability of family life and structure. Some other values similarly do this. They make families possible.

  4. I have also had this same question for quite awhile. On the Meridian website they hightlight a “Family Value of the Month” and they always seem to cite just a regular value applicable to all humans, not just those in nuclear families.

    One time I asked Meridian why they are called “family values” instead of just “values” and I got an e-mail response from Linda Eyre that basically provided no answer. She stated that she “understands” my feelings as some of her adult children are not yet in families but are still valued and loved. I was totally confused by her response.

    “Family Values” is one of the biggest crocks of you-know-what that has been foisted upon the gullible religious masses. It is almost as bad as “person of faith” and the highjacking of the word “Christian” by conservative evangelicals.

    It is used primarily as a fund raising tool by those who practice priestcraft.

    I am amazed at how willing we are as Latter-Day Saints to align ourselves with those practicing priestcraft in order to “make the world safer for families”. We fail to recognize the basic marketing tricks they use such as mixing politics with religion and treating every small item as a threat to the survival of the family.

    It is almost as laughable as the left-wing’s platitudes about tolerance and diversity.

    A civilization is based upon respect for others, decency in personal behavior, seeking that which lifts up and builds faith, and care for those less fortunate. These “values” are stressed throughout the scriptures and are the true barometer of personal righteousness, not a set of marketing themes served up by the priestcrafters.

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