Rick Mercer for PM

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Ok, I had to chime in on this after reading the Beer petition. Not being a beer drinker, but being a Canadian I love the comments. :) And I have to agree with at least one signer. RICK MERCER FOR PRIME MINISTER! I wish I was just joking, but I’m not. I wish we had him as a choice, he’d get my vote. But then we’d lose him as the country’s funniest person.

11 thoughts on “Rick Mercer for PM

  1. ok i should say i love some of the comments. and i just find the petition so funny. hey with the politicians we’ve got it’s not hard to have a sense of humour.

  2. Sorry Mary, Rick can’t be the PM because he’s gay.

    I’m not saying that automatically disqualifies him, just that it’s not a reality in this country…or the US I suspect.

  3. he’s gay?

    huh, i didn’t know that.

    well that makes no difference, he’s better equipped than the other contesters for the job, gay or heterosexual.

  4. Forgive my ignorance as a non-Canadian (with a very healthy case of Canada-envy), but when is Election Day?

    Oh how I wish we had more than two viable candidates to choose from here in the land south!

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