Rum Ball

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I ate a rum ball today. Well, actually, it was more like half of a rum ball. I have to say that rum balls have to be the grossest things I have ever tested. I can’t believe people like these things. And to cover it in chocolate; how deceptive.

14 thoughts on “Rum Ball

  1. well ge truffle .. rum ball.. there is no difference they both taste disgusting.. but you know what tastes worst? When you eat one of those brandy bears and no one tells you there is brandy in there and you make this horrid face in front of company like your granddaughter does when her mother feeds her peas!!

  2. Oh, Sally, you have clearly not tasted quality truffles. The smooth, near-instant melting of the chocolate in your mouth… the sweet flavor. I don’t like dark chocolate, so I only each milk chocolate truffles, but I loved flavored ones like mint and orange. Divine.

  3. Mum

    Oh truffles are DELICIOUS! Tanya’s right, creamy, oh so meltingly tasty.

    Sigh. It’s been a long time since I have had one. Can’t trust myself to eat just one.

  4. Okay I don’t know what happened with that last post, but I was talking about rum balls.

    I have no idea what a ‘timls’ is.

  5. Maybe Tim Hortons should start selling an alcohol-soaked doughnut hole and call it the “timl.”

  6. Rum Balls Rock!
    Rum Balls Rule!

    They make folks drool.
    So don’t be a fool.

    Christmas without this treat,
    Just wouldn’t be as sweet.

    (If you tried my recipe, you would change your mind!)

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