New Our Thoughts

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It doesn’t look much different, but there are some cool things at the new Our Thoughts.

You can search for posts. You can see the most recent comments. Clicking on one of our names will bring up our profile (currently being tweaked thanks to WordPress 2.0) and our most recent posts. We now have RSS feeds for comments and individual posts. Readers can subscribe to posts so they are emailed whenever a new comment is added.

Of course, one of the most noticeable features of the new Our Thoughts is its location. We moved off of Blogger to our own domain. Hopefully this makes it easier for others to find us and further solidifies our identity as a Canadian group blog.

One other point to note is that comment moderation is still in effect, but only for first time commenters. Once you’ve posted a comment, your future comments should not need to be moderated.

We hope you enjoy the new Our Thoughts and find it easier to visit again.

10 thoughts on “New Our Thoughts

  1. Oh, that reminds me, J. Thanks for your Recent Comments plugin. It was better than anything else I could find (especially since it actually worked).

  2. All right! Fabulous location and new technical tricks for this interesting and great-looking blog. And now there won’t be that awkward delay before the stylesheet loads.

  3. This looks great Kim.

    I’m really stoked about the recent comments feature.

  4. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I hope you all feel the same way now that it’s been a year since we made the switch.

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