Who am I?

I am doing some work on rebranding my online presence and I wanted to get an idea of how others perceive me. Please feel free to participate in this little exercise.

In three words (no more, no less), how would you describe Kim Siever? These can be a phrase or three separate adjectives.

Alternatively, feel free to email your response to me at kim.siever@gmail.com.


I love hypothetical posts.

Let’s say you are the bishop of a ward. Your gospel doctrine teacher is moving at the end of the month and as a bishopric, you are deciding who to pick to replace her. All other things being equal, it’s come down to two individuals.

The first individual is a powerful orator with a vast understanding of the scriptures and gospel principles. This person has the ability to motivate people.

The second individual is a recent convert who is still absorbing much about the gospel and has yet to finish reading the Book of Mormon.

Would you put in the person who will probably make the most difference in the lives of more people, or would you put in the individual who would gain the most personally from the calling?

James Frey and Oprah

So what do you think?

It’s water cooler talk at work on Friday. Did Oprah go too far? Or is James Frey a pathological liar who deserves the public flaming?

I admit I was interested but once it started I quickly realized I couldn’t watch the show. Seriously made me feel like I was watching a public execution. I can understand that Oprah was embarrased by his obvious misrepresentation of the actual facts. He lied. It’s obvious. But he is a person who is obviously not 100%, and showed up anyway…and I don’t think her approach created a desire to change or support forgiveness…I assumed she wanted to come off as a strong woman who would not allow her name to be associated with a lie, but to me she ended up looking like someone who was embarrased and had the means to publicly flog the culprit.


It has been documented that of the 33 verifiable marriage Joseph Smith entered, 1/3 of them were with women who were currently married when they married Joseph Smith. Is there a logical explanation for these dual marriages (polygamy and polyandry) or was it simply a commandment from God?