Family Prayer

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We had a lesson on family home evening in elders quorum today, and one of the scriptures used was 3 Ne 18:21:

“Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blessed.”

When we discussed this scripture, two thoughts came to my mind.

First, I found it interesting that the Saviour seems to be addressing the men in the multitude. If this supposition is correctly, then I think it is significant. It presents a very important message that it is the patriarchs of the home that should be responsible for the spiritual welfare of their families. It has been my experience that many men in the church often rely on their wives to organise family home evening, call everyone for family prayer or scripture study.

Secondly, I thought it was important that the Saviour did not just tell the brethren to pray. Rather he told them that if they pray as a family, their families will be blessed.

3 thoughts on “Family Prayer

  1. Kim, I like your first thought. It always bugs me when I hear people express the idea that wives are naturally spiritual giants, and husbands are just obtuse lummoxes with no sense of spiritual or family priority.

  2. There is a social conspiracy to convince men that they are stupid, carnal and emotionally detached.

    It has become vogue to treat all men like Fred Flintsone, Al Bundy (married w/ children) or Raymond.

    I think its’ origins lie somewhere within the feminist’s movement, I mean if women can be smart and successful that must mean men can’t be, right? – almost as if there isn’t room on the planet for two genders who are smart, sensitive and empowered.

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