Thanks Kim.

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Thanks for the introduction and welcoming me into the Our Thoughts community. I really look forward to participating here. My family have lived away from other LDS members for the past three years. First we lived in a fly-in First Nations community on the northwest coast where we were members of the Prince Rupert Branch but were not able to attend that often due to cost and transportation schedules and now we’re here straddling the Yukon/BC border along the Alaska Highway. Our branch is in Whitehorse, which is 5 hours away and we attend there about 2 – 3 times a quarter. I hold a sacrament service in our home under the direction of our branch president and we receive the audio from the sacrament services over the phone, which is a fantastic idea, one I wished I had thought of when we lived on the north coast. We supplement our collective worship with streaming programming from My wife is a teacher/principal and I am currently doing some network administration and substitute teaching. That’s a bit to inform you…for more of my interests and personality, check out my blog – Mountain Nomad Chronicles

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