Sore Knees

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If someone who has chronically sore knees kneels for prayer, is he being dedicated or stupid?

20 thoughts on “Sore Knees

  1. For family prayer in the presence of children, dedicated. For routine personal prayer, stupid (although one might want to make occasional exceptions).

    When people with bad knees do proxy sealings in the temple, they are not required to kneel. A chair is available for them.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Kim created the new AJAX version of WordPress.

    I need to figure out how to do that too!

  3. Oh and in answer to the question. I think it’s not a smart thing to wear out your knees.

    And back on the AJAX thing, do you think you could make it update the recent comments column dynamically too?

  4. hmm wonder if Christ asked himself if he was stupid or dedicated as he hung on the cross hour after hour

  5. “hmm wonder if Christ asked himself if he was stupid or dedicated as he hung on the cross hour after hour”

    Well, He was probably in shock due to blood loss and most of the hours after the first would have been in a quasi-conscious state – so I reckon He didn’t do much wondering at all.

    That said, I imagine the thoughts going through His head on the way to the hill were pretty interesting.

  6. yup Rick I am sure if it was me I would be asking myself in a thousand years are people going to even remember who I was and what I did… that and could the people have been any more of idiots to commit so MANY sins??

  7. Why is it any of your business? Doesn’t this judgment belong to ther person with the sore knees?

  8. oh and besides that he wasn’t MAKING a judgement. He was asking a question and not taking sides. The reason (why do I have to keep repeating this? It’s like teaching my children a new concept) is he likes to know OTHERS opinions to create thought (well actually he likes to create discussion). ltbugaf, you seem to think that everything Kim writes is his on unadulterated opinion. I have explained this before. He likes to provoke thought and discussion. That’s it. And on this topic he is not even STATING an opinion. He wanted to see what other individuals think. That’s all. Yeesh.

  9. My position is that if the sore knees belong to Kim, he should judge the matter on his own. I have no right to judge it. Soliciting our opinions about this isn’t a good idea, in my view. (But of course, there I’m sharing an opinion…hmm…this could go on all day…)

  10. ltbugaf

    What’s wrong with asking folk’s opinions?

    Remember the title of this blog is “Our thoughts”. He has a thought and writes it out.

    Why do you always have to find something negative to say about his comments or questions? Good grief.

    Also, he was just curious. Doesn’t change his own thoughts on the matter, just wants to see what other’s think about it.

  11. I don’t think what I said above was an attack. I said that this decision belongs to the person with sore knees and is no one else’s business. I still say so.

  12. you jumped on him for asking in the first place. he wasn’t asking for validation, just opinions. kim is always curious about what other’s think, doesn’t mean he agrees OR disagree. just curious.

  13. If saying that this is no one’s business except the individual with sore knees were “jumping on him,” I guess you’d be right.

  14. By the way, what reply does Kim give if we’re “just curious” about what HE believes?

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