Sharon’s stroke is God’s punishment, implies Robertson

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“He was dividing God’s land, and I would say, ‘Woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease the [European Union], the United Nations or the United States of America,

Those were Pat Robertson’s words concerning the recent illness of Ariel Sharon. This is a hot potato to throw into the ring as my first topic of discussion, but here it goes. Like usual, the words of Pat Robertson make my stomach churn and floods my head with complexity of the issues surrounding Israel. I think Mr. Robertson is using his soapbox irresponsibly and I perceived no Christ-like compassion in his callous judgment of a man who is fighting for his life nor for a country who may be losing their leader. I have to agree with another observer who stated,

“Once again, Pat Robertson leaves us speechless with his insensitivity and arrogance,”

Any thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Sharon’s stroke is God’s punishment, implies Robertson

  1. The reason why Sharon had a stroke is because he is morbidly obese. I remember the first time I saw a full body photo of Sharon, right after his election, I thought to myself, that man isn’t going to last long in office. I am surprised his health troubles hasn’t caught up to him sooner. I guess I’m sensitive to these issues because I was very overweight at one time, which caused many problems for myself.

    I just Googled this, interesting:

    By The Associated Press Tue Dec 20, 2:38 PM ET

    ARIEL SHARON’S WEIGHT: A closely guarded secret. The Israeli prime minister’s aides refuse to say.

    WILL HE DIET?: Following his minor stroke, doctors insisted Sharon cut calories. When his sons hinted he should do so, he reportedly just laughed.

    WHAT DOES HE EAT?: Before the stroke, he had a family meal that included hamburgers, steak, lamb chops, shish kebab and chocolate cake, the Maariv daily reported. After leaving the hospital, he ate Chinese noodles.

  2. This is precisely the kind of moron who we have to prevent gaining more power.

    Robertson is the lowest form of life, and would say anything to justify his own existence.

    The sad thing is that many people listen to him and actually believe what he says…


  3. Pat Robertson is an evangelical Christian leader who is known for making broad sweeping judgements of individuals and groups of people and constantly putting his foot in his mouth.

  4. What an arrogant jerk that man is. To imply that God punishes individuals in this way. He doesn’t. Robertson might be a might surprised at the judgement.

  5. Duh I knew that… when I read it I read it as a female name. One of my Primary girls was just baptized and her name is Ariel and her gramma is named Sharon and that was how I read it… goes to show you can’t always go by what you read :)

  6. Mary, I don’t think it’s wrong per se to say that God sometimes punishes people through calamities. If you’ve read the Book of Mormon, you know he sometimes does.

    What is unspeakably arrogant on the part of Mr. Robertson is that he claims authority to proclaim just what the Lord is doing and why. You’ll notice that President Hinckley has studiously declined to identify recent natural disasters as divine punishments. He’s the one who WOULD have authority to make such a proclamation, if there were one to be made.

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