Conservatives Abolish Lower Class Tax Cuts

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In today’s National Post:

An unapologetic Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says a Tory government would repeal the new Liberal cut for people in the lowest income tax rate if it wins government on Jan. 23.

Harper said, however, the Conservatives tax-relief measures, once they have all been rolled out, would leave Canadians better off than they would be under what the Liberals are offering.

“We will be doing our tax plan, not the Liberal tax plan,” he said, singling out the Tories?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ promise to cut the GST to five per cent from seven per cent as the centrepiece of the plan that involves selected personal and business tax cuts.

“We can?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t do both. And our tax reduction will save a lot more money for Canadians than the Liberal plan.”

3 thoughts on “Conservatives Abolish Lower Class Tax Cuts

  1. too bad a person could not get that in writing or in some sort of policy that theseleaders with their grand ideas and promises before election day that never seem to materialize afterwards would have to actually have to follow through by a certain date or they lose their position. How quickly would they work at their promises then? I sit here a few days before elections thinking eenie meenie miney mo…………..

  2. You want him to follow through on his promise to roll back the lowest tax bracket back to 16% (the Liberals changed it to 15% in at the start of this month) and to increase the personal exemption by only 100$ (400$ less than what the Liberals introduced at the start of January)?

  3. no I didn’t mean HIM perse.. just that for some reason there is never any money for health or education etc at any other time but come election time the campaign trail is burning with all these promises of “if you vote me in I will….” and then these promises never materialize.

    And too bad so many Canadians are fed up with the system and so don’t bother going to vote. So the only ones that get in are the ones that can afford to pay for their votes. Sad state of affairs.

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