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Our Thoughts is in the Wall Street Journal.

Well sort of. Jeff Milner, one of our authors is.

Behind the Music: Sleuths Seek Messages In Lyrical Backspin

Congratulations, Jeff!

Digg it here.

6 thoughts on “OT in WSJ

  1. Awesome, and props to jeff!

    The Wall Street Journal’s online site will now no doubt experience a Milnerlanche. :->

  2. I actually read the article before you posted. Didn’t make the connection. Anyway, congrats.

    Given the opportunity, I would have bet real money that the WSJ would never run a front page article on backmasking.

  3. Interestingly, if you read BCC backwards, you learn the true identity of the Snarker. :-) (j/k)

    Congrats, Jeff! You need to find a way to get Our Thoughts into the WSJ as well!

  4. Giving the site some publicity is a great idea. I’ll see what I can do if/when I’m on SIRIUS Satellite Radio next week.

    (Yes they really did call me, and no I don’t know if it’s for Howard Stern’s show–I wasn’t here they just left a message).

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