Vancouver Temple?

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I have on fairly good sources that the Prophet and President Monson were in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver just after Christmas, meeting with Stake Presidents and looking at parcels of land. Although the area is close in the Seattle Temple, many of the members are immigrants that cannot cross the border so a temple in Vancouver is prudent.

20 thoughts on “Vancouver Temple?

  1. I think it would be great. I heard this rumour too. However, lower mainland folks are still closer to the Temple than many in other places. I think it would be nicer to see it further north in BC, but wherever it is, that will be wonderful. I am assuming it will be a small temple so they would need to be close to a stake centre (well even the larger ones need to be, don’t they?)

  2. yup have it on very good authority :)We have our stake conferance in 2 weeks so hopefully we will hear word then. Will keep you all posted :)

  3. Be careful with the rumor-mongering. You don’t want to get snarked like FMH.

    Besides, the real reason that Monson and Hinckley were up there was to check on the Ten Tribes and make sure they’re doing okay.

  4. I don’t think a larger temple needs to be near a stake centre, but it’s doubtful a temple in Vancouver would be a larger temple. By comparison, the Seattle temple currently covers more than 30 stakes in Washington. A temple in the Fraser Valley would cover only seven.

  5. My parent’s bishop announced at church that the leaders were in the area and what they did, but did not say why…maybe they are building a new BYU? Ah, rumor-mongering is a sin, I need to repent.

  6. There are some units busting at the seams in the Abbotsford stake. Maybe they were nearby (i.e. Seattle, Portland, etc) and thought they’d come by and assess the situation.

  7. nope sorry but they were in the Fraser Valley looking at land that the church owns there. Now what they want to build on that land is unknown to us peons but they were not in WA checking out land (although they may have been there to see people) but they were at ABBY/Chilliwack area. As well they flew in and out of YVR and not Seattle. Langley Bishopric were at their building in a bishopric meeting when there was a knock on their office door. When the door was opened there were Presidents Hinckly and Monson stopping in to use the washroom on their way to the airport. They also blessed the church building while they were there. I bet you that the bishopric were happy they were all in suits and not in jeans and tshirts like the rest of us usually are when at meetings in the building mid week :)

  8. Ok, not that this is really “gossip” but I saw a funny saying yesterday that came to mind when reading the “rumour mongering” hehe

    “I never repeat gossip, so listening very carefully”.

  9. lol what I usually say is “I’m not repeating gossip I am sharing something with you ” :)And I make sure of my facts :) nothing like having something bite back at you in the butt lol

  10. I passed this along to my Dad. He said it makes sense since he heard from a friend that the janitor in said meeting house was just finishing up the cleaning and taking off his gloves when in walked GBH.

  11. In Ward Council today, our Bishop stated that he had met with our Stake President earlier in the morning. He confirmed that Presidents Hinckley and Monson had indeed been here looking at land and the buildings in the Abbotsford and Langley area.

    He (Bp) also stated that the SP would only say that and that he could not go into any more specifics of the whys and wherefores. He also said to not look for announcements at out Stake Conference on the 29th or at General Conference but that “something” may be announced at our Regional Conference which I believe is in November.

    So there is the latest on the scuttle butt.

  12. I just received word that when Presidents Hinckley and Monson were in the GFVRD, they held a priesthood leadership meting and those in attendance were told not to speculate on a temple coming to Vancouver.

  13. Someone told us today that his grandson’s wife told him that her dad told her that President Hinckley told him they were looking for land for a temple. Reportedly, they found some in Langley near the TransCanada Highway. Traditionally, smaller temples are by a stake centre, and there is no stake centre in Langley. That being said, I’m not sure seven stakes would be enough for a traditionally-sized temple.

  14. Someone just told me that when the new stake centre was built in Abbotsford (following the fire that destroyed the previous one during renovations), that land adjacent to it was purchased for a temple.

  15. As regards the Temple in Langley, a relative of mine just told me that a friend of hers told her that the “Mormons” just purchased her families property on 200 st and 82nd ave opposite the Langley Chapel. This again is second hand info but it is deemed to be fairly accurate. But whatever we are all pumped about having a Temple in the Fraser Valley.

  16. It’s Official! As announced from the Surrey 1st. Ward, Surrey BC Stake sacrament meeting yesterday, Sun., June 4, 2006, the First Presidency has announced a temple to be built close to the Langley meeting house. It will be a medium-sized temple, bigger than the mini-temple in Edmonton, AB. The zoning permits are currently in place and will be displayed on property purchased by the Church. This is also officially confirmed by members of the Abbotsford 1st. Ward who were also informed during their sacrament meeting. Yeehah! More specific details will be forthcoming.

    Truly Grateful RD:-)

  17. I just have to correct you, Sally, as to how it became known that President Hinckley and President Monson were at the Langley Chapel. We were there in the morning to set up for a wedding reception the following evening when this group made their way into our building. There was no bishopric meeting going on and no janitor only about 10 of us setting up for this reception. Yes the sight is on 82nd ave after church on June 4 the Stake President took the ward to look at the sight.

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