Be Canadian

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Wanna be Canadian?

Take the test and see if you qualify. I got 89. You need 67 to pass.

30 thoughts on “Be Canadian

  1. Kim,

    It’s good to be here at “your” blog.

    Why did I only get an 83 and you got an 89? Could it be because I don’t know French?

  2. Apparently I am not fit to be a an immigrant to canada (even though I live here). I scored 41 because I haven’t technically finished my degree yet and I also got hit hard because I haven’t worked for a full year in a job that is on the “skilled” list. I’m sure if I took the test in another month I could “get in”.

  3. well that sucks.. only got a 73 :( I got perfect numbers except that I did not go to school for a minimum of 14 years after high school (was too busy working) and I am not looking for arranged employment(usually arranged it on my own steam)… so much for being a Canadian

  4. thanks Son!!! You are always looking after me :) Now my score is up to 83 lolol gee are we related? So now only thing that held me back was I lost 2 points on language and 10 on arranged employment and 5 on education

  5. I got a 97…does that mean that I have to go now? Serving a mission to Québec probably gave me a leg up on the French skills.

  6. At a score of 54, I guess I’ll stay in San Francisco.

    The fact I’ve been home raising kids for the last eleven years killed my work experience points. And the fact my best connection to Canada is this blog.

  7. 69 for now, 75 once I finish my thesis this spring (hope hope)

    I’ll keep that in my back pocket pending the outcome of the next US presidential election ;-)

    I’ve read before that you can add points to your score if you have specific job skills and were willing to settle (at least temporarily) in a particular region. I recall dental hygenists willing to live for at least 3 years in rural Alberta or Saskatchewan could basically pick up their residency papers at the border.

  8. I scored an 80.

    They forgot the “Do you actually want to become a Canadian?” question, though.

  9. I think it should be an actual quiz, with questions like these:

    1. Who was Pierre Laporte?
    2. What is a hat trick?
    3. If you buy a sleeping bag at Canadian Tire for $50, how much will you get back in coupons?

  10. 4. What is poutine and who serves the best?
    5. What is the legal minimum size of a police officer’s moustache?

  11. I’m disappointed there have been no more comments on this thread. Now I’ll never know if anyone thought I was funny :(

  12. oh sorry, i didn’t even see these comments…
    well then i wouldn’t be canadian :)

    except poutine, i know what that is, however don’t eat it (i am a vegetarian) though cheese curds are REALLY tasty!

    yes, you were funny,lol

  13. I am shocked and appalled by the sweeping generalizations made by ltbugaf on this thread.

    I’m going down to the rink to tell all my hockey/drinking buddies aboot it.


  14. Kim, I think you should do a new post for people to compose a new Canadian citizenship test.

    But of course, that’s just my personal opinion. I’m not giving any new revelation, and I have no special knowledge, cruel or otherwise.

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