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It has been documented that of the 33 verifiable marriage Joseph Smith entered, 1/3 of them were with women who were currently married when they married Joseph Smith. Is there a logical explanation for these dual marriages (polygamy and polyandry) or was it simply a commandment from God?

61 thoughts on “Polyandry

  1. But hasn’t legal marriage always been about “follow the money”? Wasn’t the whole drive for state licensed marriage to assign men to specific children and to prevent men from arguing that the kids weren’t theirs. The state didn’t care about biology. It was “You’re married to this woman. These are your kids, end of story. Pay up.”.

  2. I think it’s fair to argue that marriage has always been about money: dowries – responsibilities – rights

  3. Read D&C 132 (joseph’s revelation on Celestial Marriage}.The God I know in my heart would never feel about women the way it is stated. It gave Joseph all the justification he needed to take more and more wives. Was he the author – there is no doubt!

  4. Emily, when you say Joseph is the author, do you mean that it was entirely of his invention and none of it came from God?

  5. Obviously monogamy isn’t working, just look at the divorce rate. Whether I agree or disagree with the lifestlye really doesn’t matter. But understanding it the key. It may not be because of religion, or child bearing, it can be just as simple as love. I do believe you can love two men at the same time. There is no one human being that can fulfill you completely in every physical and mental, emotional way…its just impossible. We’re too flawed. There’s a lot worse things in life than polygamy. The world needs to focas on more important issues out there, than how many lovers one has.

  6. Annie, I don’t know that we can look at today’s divorce rate and conclude that its cause is because we have single spouses. Especially when we consider that successful marriages in the Western world also consist of single-spouse marriages.

  7. …not to mention the fact that it is virtually impossible for many poly women to get a divorce given their societal roles. Divorce stats say little about the topic at hand.

    “There is no one human being that can fulfill you completely in every physical and mental, emotional way…”

    Is that what marriage is supposed to do?

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