Who am I?

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I am doing some work on rebranding my online presence and I wanted to get an idea of how others perceive me. Please feel free to participate in this little exercise.

In three words (no more, no less), how would you describe Kim Siever? These can be a phrase or three separate adjectives.

Alternatively, feel free to email your response to me at kim.siever@gmail.com.

33 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. ok, ornery i can see, but unwelcoming? hmmm…

    kim doesn’t believe in wasting words. if you knew him in real life you would find him very welcoming. he just doesn’t feel the need to go out of his way to validate others as he is secure in himself and yet doesn’t think he is better than other people.

    he also has very strong opinions but likes to hear other’s opinions whether he agrees with them or not. and if he doesn’t agree with them he jsut shrugs his shoulders and lets them believe. just as he would like the freedom to do so.

    it’s too bad you see him as unwelcoming (i keep TELLING him he needs to use smiley faces. only canadians have a tendency to understand the canadian humour)

  2. I think if one is secure in oneself, one can be generous in validating others.

    If I go to a blog and I get the feeling I’m unliked, why would I go back.

    Although I know why I would be disliked here, but if others feel the same way, perhaps that’s a problem

    On the other hand, I believe in being true to yourself. Be who you are. If it doesn’t work for blogging, that’s not your problem

  3. I don’t see why you think you are disliked, annegb. I certainly don’t dislike you, nor does Kim. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I haven’t got the sense that anyone has a problem with you.

    I am sorry you feel disliked. I for one appreciate your opinions and I know Kim does as well. The internet can sometimes be difficult to portray true feelings.

  4. Yet further evidence that Mary is destined for the Celestial Kingdom. If she can refrain from disliking me, then she has surely developed Charity. :)

  5. um, well i don’t DISLIKE him…just think he is a bit of a prat, but then he’s a politician how can he help that?

    i am sure he is a nice PERSON.:)

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