I’ll take another cheque now, Ralph

Since Alberta has just announced another amazing surplus – $7.4 billion in fact – I’d just like to say I am incredibly interested in just how this money gets spent.

Roughly 3 billion has been marked for infrastructure and education, so that leaves Albertans a decent chunk for both savings and other projects.

I propose another prosperity cheque – $600 is a nice round number …


If you were asked to do a stage production of the church history for the time frame of 1839 but only had 15 minutes what would you focus on? What would your priority be? Assuming that a lot of investigators or non members would be a part of the audience what would you try and portray to help answer their questions in their hearts or help them understand our church history? You also have to use children as this is a children’s production with some adults not an adult production with some children

AMA Insurance

Get this.

When we visited our lawyer to finalise our mortgage when we bought our 94-year-old house, we were told that we needed to get insurance before we took possession. Since we had a membership with AMA, we decided to go to them for house insurance.

They told us that we would need to upgrade our electrical system within a month, or they would cancel our insurance. As a result, we spent over a thousand dollars in electrical upgrades.

We found out today that AMA has decided, after the electrical upgrades were made, that they will not be providing us with insurance. They claim that there is a problem with the foundation and that there is a flood risk (despite no evidence of flooding and our property being on an incline away from the house.

Normally, I would say don’t use AMA for home insurance, but someone suggested that could be considered libelous. So, I won’t go that far.