Choose the Right

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Do you think the “Choose the Right” motto is a secret conspiracy to get members to vote for conservative political parties?

8 thoughts on “Choose the Right

  1. How does it work in other languages? I’m trying to think of a French word for conservatives that starts with B…

  2. My little brother likes to point out that if you always choose the right, you end up running in circles.

  3. I actually Google searched for “Choose the Light” and ended up here, I want a CTL ring, specifically to be the emblem of Left Wing (Traditional) Mormon values. In the late 1800’s, Utah was almost 100% Democrat. The Republican party was formed with the agenda to abolish Polygamy (and Slavery, too.) It was essentially an Anti-Mormon party, and has now infiltrated and taken over the Church en masse. I think CTL would be a great movement, and if I could find a ring for it, I’d wear one.

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