3 Fold Mission of the Church

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Recently in one of our ward councils our Bishop advised us that an assignment had been passed down from the General Church Leaders in regards to this.. the 3 fold mission of the church. All presidents were to work on Preaching the Gospel, all 1st Councilors on Perfecting the Saints and 2nd Councilors on Reedeeming the Dead. Are other wards out there on this Blog following through with this? Are you having to report your “deeds” back or it is assumed that you will follow through with the assignment? Or is this a surprise to you?

9 thoughts on “3 Fold Mission of the Church

  1. Haven’t heard about it yet, but it sounds like a good approach. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Each member of our elders quorum presidency is assigned to one of the areas of the mission of the Church. Our presidency meetings each week are organised to discuss each area.

  3. so what kinds of things do you discuss? How do work it in so that the needs of your stewardships are covered and you aren’t doing the same old same old… ofr example.. redeeming the dead.. what do you discuss other then let’s go to the temple or lets have a class on genealogy. What do you discuss to do for perfecting the saints? Or preaching the gospel when they already are members?

  4. For example, when we discuss proclaiming the gospel, we might review the missionary correlation committee items and upcoming splits. When we discuss redeeming the dead, we might organise a quorum temple trip and discuss how we can help select couples in the quorum prepare to be sealed in the temple. When we discuss perfecting the saints, we may discuss home teaching issues, review that night’s PPIs or ministry visits, organise a fireside or review employment needs in the quorum.

  5. got the lo-down from my Bp
    Presidents: Perfect the Saints
    1st Councilors: Redeem the Dead
    2nd Councilors: Proclain the Gospel

    Great answers Kim… I guess I have to think “pint-size” and try and adapt some of the ideas into children’s mentalities.. although some of them will work for the teachers though… back to the drawing board

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