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So what is the smallest minority government in Canadian history to do when they don’t have enough MPs to form a cabinet? Simple, appoint a new senator and transfer him over, and steal an MP from the official opposition.

Apparently the Conservatives aren’t as morally squeaky-clean as they touted. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander when the gander becomes the goose.

“Stand Up For Canada”. Right.

38 thoughts on “Cabinet

  1. Hmmm…

    For some reason, the name Belinda comes to mind…

    Goose, gander … at least they were paying attention on the other side of the floor.


  2. I am Conservative. At least they aren’t stealing money that doesn’t belong to them. Personally I think Stephen Harper will do more for this country than the last 5 Prime Ministers combined. This country is completely screwed up right now and by letting the Liberals in again just makes Canadians look stupid, period. Steal Liberals away…who cares. (BTW Belinda Stronach is a bimbo IMHO).


  3. Given that the rest of the parties hold more power in the parliament than the Conservatives, don’t expect too much to change.

    And technically, the previous government wasn’t stealing money either.

    For the record, of the previous five prime ministers, two were Conservative.

  4. I think I’m lacking knowledge of the intricacies of Canadian government. A Republican President is generally applauded for appointing Democrats to his cabinet. What would make appointing members of other parties better than appointing Liberals?

  5. Much like Winston Churchill and Jeanne Kirkpatrick changed parties. Is that an unvirtuous thing to do?

  6. Yes it is if your constituents voted you in under the impression you were running for a particular party. The MP that switched parties (like a week later) was voted in as a Liberal in an place in Vancouver that ALWAYS votes either NDP or Liberal. Never Conservative. So therefore most, maybe not all, but most voted for him because he was Liberal, and now he has switched. There should be a byelection so they get to choose again. It’s only fair.

    And this is particularly a big deal because the Conservatives made a huge stink when Belinda Stronach switched parties after being elected as a Conservative, and switched to the Liberal party (at least she waited awhile…but still, it was the wrong thing to do). Many people vote for the party, not the individual (crazy that way, but there you have it) qand so when their party member switches, that’s just the wrong thing to do. They should step down.

    But politics isn’t about what they believe in anyway, it’s about getting into power, and that’s what these people are doing. To live under the illusion that they really believe in the people they are supposed to be serving is being naive. They ran to get into power.

  7. Party affiliation of a candidate is actually a somewhat stronger issue in Canada than in the US. Under parliamentary systems, legislators do less “conscience” voting and more party voting (although there’s plenty of party voting in both). I’m sure there would be some outrage in the US if a candidate elected as a Democrat or a Republican switched shortly thereafter.

  8. But under our system, there’s still a stronger sense that one is voting for the candidate rather than for the candidate’s party.

    That’s how we elected a Democrat to Congress from the Provo, Utah district while I was living there.

  9. I wouldn’t have considered it a big deal if the Conservatives hadn’t kicked up so much dust when Belinda Stronach switched parties last year. It’s hypocritical. Or maybe more accurately, political. Despite what the die-hard conservative followers think, this “new” party is no different than any other party.

  10. WELL…all I know is that by only appointing as many Cabinet Ministers as Harper did, he has already saved the tax payers millions per year. WAH, WAH, WAH, the Liberals (“I am entitled to my entitlements”) ARE making as big a stink about the party switching things as the Conservatives did about Bimbo-linda so let’s call that even. BTW I am from Alberta and I think people in the East are just royally pissed that they didn’t *win* again…oh cry me a river. There’s a reason why the big corporations are moving their headquarters OUT of Toronto as of late. Ontario is not the center of the universe (and I am a born Ontarian). I also think people are going to be shocked at the changes Harper can and will make *wringing my hands in delight*


  11. Kris,

    Do you realise that Ontario alone has the same number of cabinet ministers as BC, Alberta, Saksatchewan and Manitoba combined? How is that a western win?

    Kris, I’m interested in what changes you think Harper will be able to implement that will shock Canadians.

  12. Kim,

    I am not a big political advocate really. I just feel as many of the political bloggers and others (Conservative and Liberal alike)do out there in blogland that Stephen Harper will do a good job.

    I think Harper did a fantastic job “balancing” the interests of Canada by picking his cabinet as he did. It doesn’t matter as much where they come from, but CAN THEY DO THE JOB? I think this is a fantastic government…we shall see!


  13. Kris

    I hope you are right, but I have to admit to being sceptical. I have already seen Stephen Harper change his views, just as I have seen others do so. What we really need is something NEW. Not the Conservatives, not the Liberals and not the NDP. I think there is good in all of them. But not enough. There is too much mudslinging, too much hypocrisy (from every single one of them)too much panering to the interests of the big corporations. Not enough protection of Canada’s interests (i.e. our natural resources).

    I do hope he does a good job. But I am not counting on it, that’s for certain.

  14. I’m not hoping for even a good job…

    …just better than the last guys. ;)

    This should be considered a rebound win for Mr. Harper and if he’s smart (and I think he is) he’ll be able to leverage this period into a majority the next time around.

    I find it interesting to note how much more successful the Conservative party has been at silencing the ‘fringe’ opinions of its’ MPs this time around.

    It seems like this kind of control was always the weak point of the Reformers and the Day-Conservatives … they just couldn’t keep the kooky members of their parties from saying something crazy.

  15. Then again (see above link):

    “Ontario Tory MP Helena Guergis was set to issue a press release yesterday morning reaffirming her support for the anti-crossing legislation. However, Mr. Harper made her parliamentary secretary to Mr. Emerson yesterday afternoon, and the press release was not issued.”

  16. Yeah that article reads like sour grapes to me.

    I mean it’s pretty hard to run and talk about small government, and then turn around and give everyone a cabinet appointment.

  17. I think that article reads and comes down to ‘you can’t satisfy 100% of people 100% of the time but you can be rest assured that a good majority of people will moan, moan, moan.’

    Wah, wah, wah. Canadians and their government can be such whiners!


  18. Actually, what it comes down to is that the Conservative government is doing exactly what they lambasted the Liberals for doing a year ago. And Stephen Harper, in typical politician style, is breaking campaign promises (i.e. not appointing senators, but allowing them to be elected).

  19. Oh cry me a river. Arguing about politics is pointless…actually arguing at all is pointless. No one seems to be willing to see anyone else’s point of view.


  20. Hmmm…interesting point, Kris. None of us are “crying”. Kim was responding to your comments. You don’t have to agree. He’s just explaining his point. Good grief. If we all thought the same what a boring country this would be. And we all, each of us Canadians, have a right to our political points of view. No one is asking you to agree.

  21. I think with these kind of political discussions it shows how undermined a government is by the people of it’s country…the new goverment hasn’t been in power for a week and already people are griping and nit-picking and whinging about them. GOOD GRIEF is right! Give the government a chance before we lambaste them with criticism, I think many people will be surprised. It all comes down to CAN THEY DO THE JOB?!


  22. At what point is it ok to comment on the new government? I personally think that political engagement is a preferable to political apathy. If the new government does something you don’t like, then comment on it, discuss it and don’t worry about the people tell you to keep your mouth shut and quit whining.

    It was discussed before that many Canadians vote for the party more so than the candidate. So, when you are a candidate representing a party and you are voted in, switching parties right after the election is a betrayal of your constituency. Shame on the Conservatives for asking the Liberal MP David Emerson to switch, but bigger shame on the Mr. Emerson – that is just like spitting in the face of all the people how voted him in because he represented the Liberal party. I hope his riding gets back every penny put into running his “Liberal” campaign.

  23. I think he should resign. It was just wrong what he did and you are right Dustin, totally unfair to his constituents who voted him in, in good faith. And according to the evidence, the polls and the history they voted for him because he was liberal, not for himself. Many didn’t even know who he was. He owes it to them to show some integrity.

  24. Personally, I think being concerned about govermental issues is fantastic…BUT what has been going on borders on CONDEMNING the goverment before they even get a chance. I think that is completely wrong. I really have no opinion on the Emerson thing since I do not live in his riding. Do any of you?


  25. Oh and BTW I voted for Martin in the last election (not htis past one…the one before)…so I thought at that point that Martin would do a better job since the PC/Reformers weren’t very organized. BOY was I WRONG!


  26. “what has been going on borders on CONDEMNING the goverment before they even get a chance.”

    What has been going on here is criticising the government for something that have already done. This has not been criticism about any future actions.

    “I thought at that point that Martin would do a better job”

    Better than who, and why do you think he didn’t?

  27. Off-topic: Proofreading is going to always be the bane of my existence as long as continue to blog and comment…apologizes…but thanks to Kim and Mary for making me feel better by calling me Dustin. Oh the good ole days, when my friend and better looking twin, Dustin was called Duncan and I was called Dustin. It is always a compliment for me.

  28. Duncan, I am sorry. I knew youwere Duncan, but I looked at Kim’s comment and still THINKING Duncan, typed in Dustin. My bad. If it helps, my excuse is that I am sick today.

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