Woman puts sex offender sign on wrong house

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Woman puts sex offender sign on wrong house

10 thoughts on “Woman puts sex offender sign on wrong house

  1. That raises an interesting question. Obviously putting signs on his house would be illegal but what about the signs in the park? Where does one draw the line between a criminal’s right to privacy and the safety of the neighborhood? No parent can reasonably be expected to check every day to see if an offender has moved into their neighborhood.

  2. An associate of mine caught his wife having an affair. As a result, he annuled the marriage on a technicality. Concluding that she wouldn’t get any money out of the deal rented a moving van while he was at work and cleaned out the house, not leaving him as much as a bar of soap. Then she filed child sexual abuse charges against him. He pleaded no contest as part of a deal to keep him out of prison, but a “co contest” plea is essentially treated the same as a guilty plea and it required him to be registered as a sex offender. I believe he was innocent. I suspect he is not alone. At some point, registered sex offenders should be permitted to get on with their lives.

  3. The problem is “getting on with their lives” usually means re-offending.

    This woman is completely in the wrong, wrongly accused is usually convicted with this type of accusation.

    But she’s coming from a place of fear and I can relate to that. People who over react to this circumstance have often been abused themselves and they are beyond reasoning.

    Sad deal.

  4. Thats just a shame when we look in general at our nation and others and NOW were concerned with predators! First case of child molestation dates back in the 1800’s…I spend every waking moment with my kids! I would NEVER let my kids out of site! Hey, they just want to be with thier father. ANd they no better not to deal with stangers. I would hope parents are with there children every moment they can be and dont give me that speach of I have a demanding job, or i never have time. I could care less if your the president or curing cancer, SPEND TIME WITH YOUR KIDS!! Thier lives are more important than yours. every day we give congress and public law enforcment rights to invade, NOBODY will have any freedoms left! If we cant take the time to help people and our children, and stop thinking about ourselves and how we pat ourselves on the back thinking its better for the children. Thier not gonna have any freedom of choices left when they’re our age. I heard a story a while ago about a girl or i should say two a 10 and 13 year old, BRUTALLUY killing a 10 yrs old boy. Hmmm…….Im more scared of kids than predators… Most cases I review with offenders usually have prior broken childhoods. Recently I review one case i couldn’t beleive. This man is not a repeated offender and he’s doing well. He’s paid his dues and trying to survive. Has three kids which by law he cannot see. He was caught at a sting and at that time he just want some release he says. Psychologically I see a stressed and devoted husband. Good job, good family, and he knows he made a big mistake in his life. How are we to judge him? Man wakes up one day recently and finds a sign in his yard at a friends house and I feel he was rightfully violated. He’s paid enough. I’d sya the parents in the area are more likely to abuse then he is. It happens everyday. Im a counselor and i have more family issues that seem more timid than offenders. I have to be non bias and hopefully succeed in prevailing that the future can bring hope to our generations and be proud of a strong nation that has overcome many feuds of wars, changes, rights, laws and successes. I dont see that happening as we work in reverse or not looking at the bigger picture. In my opinion. this country needs a wake up call in morallity and whats right and whats bad for our children. Times change, but so should we!!

  5. “First case of child molestation dates back in the 1800’s”


    I would be willing to bet it occurred well before we branched out of the same gene-tree and the other primates.

    “Im a counselor and i have more family issues that seem more timid than offenders”

    How is it that you can have completed the education required to be a counselor and do not have even basic command of English syntax?

    I’m afraid I did not take much of this post seriously.

  6. these sexual predators are all around us. most states have a free sexual predator map that you can access based on your location and help you identify “problems” in your local vicinity.
    There are other credible resources like http://www.nationalertregistry.com but prepare, don’t take advantage of this information to go on the offense. I feel for the man who lives at that house…how do you rid yourself of that stigma?

  7. Scare thoughts as a father of 3 and 2 year old daughter. My wife recently had an affair on me and we are no longer married, so raising the girls as a single Dad takes on a whole new ball game.
    I can’t imagine the feelings I would have if someone were to grab my girls. I have looked at the sex offender maps and know that there are a few within 2-3 miles of my house.
    I think they should have to not only be registered but where identification out in public. I know this may seem harsh but come on how many are convicted multiple times?

  8. There was a case here in the UK where a group of citizens attacked a doctor because they thought the word “paediatrician” was the same as paedophile! Read into the tale what you want, but I think it tells you something about the education levels of people seeking retribution outside of the law.

  9. First of all, the registration system needs to get real. Anyone who has been convicted of a sexual related crime is required to register as a sex offender. Take a kid, or even older adults, who are convicted of statutory rape for consensual sex with an underage girl. They are not very likely to be a threat to children.
    The violent offenders and those who target children, the pedophiles, are the ones that need to be addressed and tracked. They are the ones most likely to be repeat offenders.
    Once a person has committed a sexual offense, the bar should be high but not insurmountable for a return to a normal type of life.


  10. Wow that wasn’t the smartest thing she could have done. It would have been better if she left that kind of thing to the authorities. she could have been hurt even if she didn’t get the right house.

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