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We had a good supper tonight with pork steaks (and an amazing seasoning that included cinnamon), potatoes and corn (together, cooked with bacon fat and onions) and a garden salad. It was all pretty tasty. I was particularly interested in the flavour of the dressing I chose, especially since it said it was fat free. Sure enough, there was not a drop of oil in the ingredients. When I came to the end of the list, I saw it . . . “white wine”.

At least I didn’t drink the stuff.

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Kim Siever

I just finished my BA degree in drama and French at the University of Lethbridge. It took me 15 years to do it. I have been married 21 years and we have 6 children.

9 thoughts on “Wine”

  1. Ah, ever do the ladies lead us into temptation…

    Mary, was this premeditated?

  2. <shopping list>5 herb dressing</shopping list>

    Got it! Thanks to you Mary, now I’m going to go out and get WASTED! on salad dressing!

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