February Stats

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So, a recent fMh post inspired me to take a look at some of the stats for Our Thoughts. I’ll share some with you. The search terms may surprise a few people:

  1. ltbugaf (35)
  2. polyandry (29)
  3. hbc buyout (15)
  4. site:www.ourthoughts.ca susan (11)
  5. www.ourthoughts.ca (9)
  6. communal showers (9)
  7. sweaty garments blog kim (7)
  8. ltbugaf Virginia (6)
  9. hinckley recovery (6)
  10. jeff milner (5)

Another interesting tidbit is that over 80% of our traffic is now returning visitors (which explains the low numbers of search traffic above). Thanks everyone.

14 thoughts on “February Stats

  1. Does this mean there were 35 searches for me, and 6 searches for me and “Virginia?” Or does it mean that 35 people searched for me, and 6 people searched for me and “Virginia”?

  2. So if I just start to do hundreds of searches for my own name, I can look like a star? Cool :)

  3. LOL…seems you can make controversy no matter what the post Itbugaf! You make me LAUGH!!!

    I think it’s great here…Kim, I have a post idea based on the drama (no, don’t want no drama drama…hehe) of my current situation. My question is this…

    Why do LDS women feel that EVERYONE needs to be friends, even though it is human nature that there are just some people that will rub the wrong way and dislike each other? This is a unique situation that I have been noticing lately with my member friends, but it is never an issue with non-members…I hope this makes sense!

  4. You are a star, ltbugaf! You are an active contributor and you state your mind. I don’t agree with you sometimes, but I’m glad you are here.

  5. My participation will probably show as your old blogspot address because I always come in via T&S and Kaimi never updates his blogroll links!

  6. “So if I just start to do hundreds of searches for my own name, I can look like a star?”

    You mean instead of the 35 you’ve already done this month?

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