Under qualified

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Seven out of 10 employers in Canada said they cannot find qualified job candidates. I must be applying for jobs with the wrong third because all the responses I get are that I am overqualified.

7 thoughts on “Under qualified

  1. Maybe they can’t find qualified candidates because they are all unwilling to train a University graduate. It seems you can’t get a job anymore without having at least 3-5 years of experience. How is anyone supposed to get experience if every employer expects you to somehow get it before you work there?

  2. your dad says the same thing.. that everyone that shows up for work is under qualied by leafs and bounds and yet wants starting wage at 20 bucks an hour. You can come work here Kim for him… you can’t be over qualified so you would fit in perfectly!!

  3. Speaking strictly as a manager of store, when I was hiring I was shocked that the people (a lot of University grads)that applied for a job with my company expected $16 per hour to work at the mall. Minimum wage in Alberta is $7.25…I was paying $9.50. Really, it is a shame that University grads spend so much time in school, but never get any practical experience in their field (while attending school) and think they can magically get a job with no experience. I actually worked in my field while going to University which is why I don’t think it was difficult for me to get a job after graduation…now I own my own business and am feeling quite content.

    With respect to overqualification…it is just a fact of life that if you have excellent work experience some companies are required to pay you more. Sometimes they don’t want to pay you more…they would rather hire (more) less experienced people and train them up their specific way and benefit that way. Sucks but it is reality.


  4. Well, a kind boss of mine once said that if you’re overqualified for all the jobs you apply for, you’re not aiming high enough…

    Then again, the job market being what it is around here, your mileage may vary.

  5. Sucks doesn’t it? It seems like every time I go to search for a job that I am qualified for, the requirements are a little higher this time. When I first started looking, they wanted 1 yr or more experience. I hit the year mark, and started looking again, this time all employers were looking for people with 3 or more years. It’s like a viscious cycle. Perhaps I should look now that I have 4 years experience. How much you want to bet everyone is looking for 5?

  6. Mike,

    Very true observation regarding entry level employment, and more and more unfortunately common. And the “over qualified” crap is a different manifestation of the same employment phenomenon. It’s a naive business school concept that just-in-time hiring at some pre-determined wage and no training budget that goes with the position should be a universal good practice because that’s what we do with everything else we buy. But because people (and their past training and experience) aren’t uniform manufactured goods, it’s a concept akin to communism and a recipe for economic stagnation. Bear in mind that typical corporate management aren’t entrepreneurial risk takers even though they self promote like rock stars; they are more typically dull hired caretakers of already established businesses.

    For example, I remember in 1996 having an opening for an entry level chemist in a paint R&D lab. After some screening interviews, I invited my three top choices to meet with the general manager and some other people in the organization, with my very top choice coming in first. My boss’ initial comment about my top guy was “Nice guy, but he has no experience (even though he had served a stint in the Air Force and went to University on the GI Bill.) Tell me about the other two candidates?” I politely reminded him that this was an entry level position. He said “So?” I then had to just blurt out that entry level means no experience and I only interviewed recent or soon-to-graduate chemistry majors who would have to learn our business on the job.

    Anyhow, we ended up cancelling the interview for the third guy. After interviewing my second choice, my boss said hire the first guy.

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