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If you were asked to do a stage production of the church history for the time frame of 1839 but only had 15 minutes what would you focus on? What would your priority be? Assuming that a lot of investigators or non members would be a part of the audience what would you try and portray to help answer their questions in their hearts or help them understand our church history? You also have to use children as this is a children’s production with some adults not an adult production with some children

6 thoughts on “1839

  1. How about the healings near Nauvoo and Montrose in July of that year?

    There’s an opportunity for bearing witness of Joseph and showing some Christ-centred miracles from Church history.

  2. aw come one Mary lol I do a one hour production with them for the Sacrament Meeting and was a part of a 5 day youth trek last summer I think I can handle little children lol And dai I did think of your suggestion and plan to enter that into the facts that will be written into the script. Thanks!

    As for you Mary I will deal with you in a very timely fasion!!!

  3. oh yeah Mary!! Sorry.. don’t know why I said that.. DUH… well now I know why the comment was said hehehhee obviously someone doesn’t work in Primary huh?

    What I thought we might do is prior to the event, involve the cubs and 11 year old scouts to help build a small facade of the Nauvoo temple then have the achievement day girls paint it. This will give them some accomplished goals towards their Faith in God. On that night the children will “pretend” to build it and paint it along with some adults then the “temple” will be raised. We will show some children with jars of pennies giving them to Joseph Smith for the building of the temple. We also will do a minute of different children sick and laying down on the stage just before the temple is built and Joseph going around praying for them as they rise from their sick beds. There will also be an adult female (one of the presidency) “teaching” the children one of the pioneer songs for a minute or two.

    What do you think?

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