Canada’s Caribbean province

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Canada’s Caribbean province

11 thoughts on “Canada’s Caribbean province

  1. Ha! No more hurling epithets at the US for being “imperialist,” you land-grabbing Canucks!

  2. That depends on how you define land-grabbing. It wouldn’t be any different than say when Prince Edward Island, also a British colony, was made part of Canada.

  3. Ah ha! You grabbed PEI, too! After the British grabbed it, that is. Before that, some others probably grabbed it a few times…

  4. If they’re beautiful I think one would derive more benefit from being IN one of them than from being FROM one of them.

  5. Well I would like to be in one of them, but the economy isn’t as good there as it is here. We have a very big country. And right now it is more economically feasible to live in Alberta. I would like to be from the maritimes so I could have a good accent.

  6. they do, and that’s what i want. oh i wish i had a newfoundland or nova scotian accent, not sure if the p.e.i. accent or nb is the same or similar

  7. Start faking the accent. Do it long enough and it will be second nature. Once it’s second nature it will be your “real” accent. :)

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