Heads of Parents

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I was reading D&C last night and a quote came to me or rather I should say a verse came to me where it stated it a child is not baptized by the time they turn 8 the sin will lie on the heads and shoulders of the parents. My question I put forth to this group… if the parents could not care less or have no intentions of doing so, then does the sin get transferred unto the grandparents shouldders? After all when we need assistance in our family we are counciled to go to our families first and foremost and if that is not available for whatever reason then they need to turn to the church for the next action. So would this not work two ways?

3 thoughts on “Heads of Parents

  1. The stewardship is that of the parents’, I would say. But if the parents haven’t done THEIR job, (parents of the parents I mean) then that responsibility would be theirs. But if they have taught and done their best to keep their own children on the straight and narrow, etc, than that is all they can do.

  2. I am talking about a child yet.. not an adult.. if a child is say 10 or 12 and has not been baptized yet or taught about the gospel by the parents is it the grandparents responsibility? Will the sin lay on them becauss they are the parents parents?

  3. I don’t believe it would be the grandparent’s responsibility because it isn’t their stewardship. As hard as that may be not to intervene, I know.

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