Homeschooling Choice

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I was getting a ride home from a meeting once with someone from church. Somehow the conversation turned to us homeschooling our children. After some questions regarding how we were going to manage teaching our children everything they need to know, he said to me, “I hope you give them the choice to attend public high school or not.”

While I did not think of it at the time, I did think this was an odd statement to make. After all, I am doubtful he would be offering the same choice for his public-schooled children.

10 thoughts on “Homeschooling Choice

  1. That’s the exact option we plan on giving our children. If at any point, any of our children can no longer stand public school, we will find a way to home school them.

  2. I have that option in the back of my mind for my daughter, should we (our family) feel that the school system is not meeting her needs. But I do know many anti-home schoolers who would never use this option for their children…

  3. Had I known about home schooling when my children were young I would have done that. Now when I see what our children go through with the teachers and schools of their children I wish I could home teach my grandchildren.I would do it in a heart beat. How can a person not want to give their children a one on one ratio of attention instead of 1 in 25? Although I certainly know and believe that if you are to do this you have to be absolutely committed to following through with it and not decide some mornings that you just don’t feel like it.

    So many things I would do differently could I turn the clock back with my children. One of them would have been to drag them kicking and screaming to university/college to continue on with their education.

  4. While they are many “cons” about the public school system, if you don’t home school your kids properly you only have yourself to blame.Teachers are trained for many years and we shouldn’t kid ourselves thinking we can just go do it!It is a BIG commitment. All my kids are in public schools but I also supplement them at home and am active in their learning. I think that is the best of both worlds!

  5. Home schooling is the cheap way. Private tutor is the way to go.

    It seems to me that over the years, when I meet a young person who was home schooled or taught in a private religious school, the odds were not in their favor, the public schools tend to do a better job of teaching. This observation does not include the high end private schools.

    Do you really want to risk your child’s education with your vanity? I often find parents who HS do it for vanity or their children are spoiled and the school has kicked them out. Why do you really do it? I am interested in hearing why you will beat the odds.

  6. Bill

    Having known many homeschoolers and homeschooling my own children, I find your (and many other) views erroneus and inaccurate. Sure you are going to get maladjusted homeschoolers but you also find maladjusted public school students. It has more to do with the child/upbringing/parenting rather than the schooling style.

    We homeschool not for vanity (good giref, where do you find your information?) but because after prayer, study and observation we find it is the best choice for our family. If it isn’t for you, fine, but don’t berate because you don’t agree.

    My 7 year old is more advanced academically than most children her age, she reads at a grade 4 level (and is in grade 3, only starting), understands advanced math concepts for her age, is socially adept, works well with others, etc etc.

    We aren’t beating the odds, we are joining them. Check the stats before you spout your information. And make sure you check unbiased information.

  7. My parents gave me the choice to attend public school after 9 years of private school. I chose to go to public school primarily to play football. My sister chose homeschooling.

    I think that both have a place. Some kids will thrive in homeschooling while others need the many things that public school can offer. However, if public school is the option that is chosen, it is imperative that parents stay on top of what is taught and what their children are learning!!

  8. i was home schooled too but i would still prefer regular schools.’.-

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