DNA testing to determine Roll-Up-The-Win owner

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DNA testing to determine Roll-Up-The-Win owner

3 thoughts on “DNA testing to determine Roll-Up-The-Win owner

  1. First of all, this is another horrifying example of what the love of money does to people.

    I’ve studied enough common law to know that the buyer (if he was the buyer) relinquished his property rights in the cup when he threw it away, and that the girl who found it has finder’s property rights that are superior to those of the girl who helped her unroll the brim. In fact, I can’t see how the second girl has a claim at all; if I receive a prize in the mail, does the secretary who opens the envelope get the prize? The girl who unrolled the cup was acting as an agent of the finder.

  2. Ah ha! So Quebec’s system is derived from French civil law, like Louisiana? But it still has to interact with a federal system of common law (again like Louisiana). Interesting.

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