Interpretive Beliefs

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Can an active, participating Mormon have beliefs that do not correspond to scriptural interpretations of the prophets? do all his/her beliefs need to be in line with such interpretations?

6 thoughts on “Interpretive Beliefs

  1. Maybe it’s more important to ask whether the member’s ACTIONS conform with the Prophet’s interpretations.

    An example: I disagree with the Prophet about his interpretation of scriptures and believe that engaging in nonintercourse sexual activities with my neighbor’s wife is just fine. So I go ahead and engage in such activities. Can I then be an “active, participating Mormon”? I don’t think so. I would be worthy of excommunication.

    Or what if I preach to others that the Prophet’s interpretations are wrong and invite them to join me in turning away from his teachings. Can I be an “active, participating Mormon”? My answer is no–I’m an active, participating apostate instead.

  2. Or perhaps it’s more important to ask whether a person is on the course to Eternal Life, rather than whether the person is an “active, participating Mormon.”

  3. I think angels should have wings…why can’t they just have wings? Even though I reject the notion that angels have no wings am I considered active?


  4. What do you mean by “prophets”? For instance, can one disagree with Bruce R. McConckie assertion that the earth is 6,000 years old and be an active, participating Mormon? That’s how he read the scripture but it’s definitely not hard and fast church doctrine. Prophets have intrepretations just like lay members.

    I feel that, as long as we have the proper actions and faith in the right basics, the rest is pretty much NETS (not essential to salvation). Like the great Joseph Smith quote that a man was never damned for believing too much.

  5. Kris, I think there’s a difference between “rejecting the notion that angels have no wings” and just thinking how cool it would be if they did. Seems to me you’re doing the latter. :)

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