British hate ‘bloody’, Canadians hate ‘hell’

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British hate ‘bloody’, Canadians hate ‘hell’

11 thoughts on “British hate ‘bloody’, Canadians hate ‘hell’

  1. My understanding of the British use of “bloody” has been that it is blaspheming by the blood of Christ. Anyone have evidence in favor or against?

  2. Ah, bloody hell! Hehe.

    I lived in Scotland for a number of years and this got ingrained into my brain…by church members. Hehe.


  3. G. B. Shaw’s “Pygmalion” has a wonderful scene about Henry Higgins’ intemperate use of the word “bloody.” The whole scene is cleverly written without ever actually naming the word. I’m afraid when I played Higgins, the oblique references were somewhat lost on a modern Utah audience.

  4. The origin of “bloody” is debated. One theory is that it derived from “by Our Lady”, a reference to the Virgin Mary.

  5. Now, Kim’s post is helping me understand. So, when my 16yo son says “Bloody hell, Mum” I can blame his catholic school. Excellent – I’ll pass the buck to those Christian Brothers – yes I like that idea. :)

    But,hey my 10yo daughter says it too.

    They were aiming for ‘naughty but nice’ in the ad campaign I suspect.

  6. what about Bloody Queen Mary? She was so-called because of all the deaths she was responsible (not the Saviour’s mother, but Queen Elizabeth I’s sister)

  7. Being an englishmen i say bloody hell alot, it doesnt generally mean anything other than some words stung together to form a phrase that one uses to show mild anger, nothing more

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