Best Babies

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This morning, our oldest daughter said that our baby girl is the cutest baby in the world. Our son responded by saying that she wasn’t, pointing out that there are other cute babies as well. Always thinking of others.

2 thoughts on “Best Babies

  1. that figures Kim that he would say that.. he is your son and as such is a very logical child. Emotions don’t factor in what he thinks or says hehe he just goes by black and white… I remember when one of your cousins was born and when your aunt asked your dad what he thought of the baby he said what an ugly baby!! Which he really was icky looking but he could not figure out why everyone got mad at him as he was the only one who had been honest. I said yes you are right you are honest but you needed to have worded it differently such as in man he sure looks like his dad etc. He would not have lied and he would not have upset his sister ;)

    I can see Regan being soooooooooo much like you :)

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