Naked woman showers in stranger’s house

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Naked woman showers in stranger’s house

11 thoughts on “Naked woman showers in stranger’s house

  1. I’m just trying so hard to figure out what caught your eye and made you post this on your ‘blog. Do you just do random web searches for the word “naked” and see what comes up? (That would account for the article on the “art project” in Lethbridge.)

  2. It’s because he finds them odd. No point in putting boring news stories on. And no he doesn’t put in random searches for “naked”. Good grief.

    I’m just trying to figure out why you haven’t figured Kim out by now.

    Oh and he doesn’t only post “naked” news stories. He posts stories that are sensational to elicit feedback. ODD ones and INTERESTING ones. Didn’t you read the one about Lethbridge getting air service to Mexico??

  3. Whoa, Mary, read it again and this time, imagine the mischievous grin on my face. :)

    Of course, I didn’t say he “only” posts naked news stories, did I? I just wondered how the story even came to his attention.

    I think the competing penny newspapers of the late 19th Century used to try to work words like “naked” into their front-page headlines in order to attract attention. Guess things haven’t really changed.

  4. Yes, I know she got ready for her shower a little sooner than she should have. It’s just the headline itself that I found amusing.

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