April Fool’s – New Blogger

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We’re happy to announce the newest edition to the Our Thoughts team: ltbugaf. Normally, we make sure new team members are Canadian, but given ltbugaf’s significant contribution to Our Thoughts, we thought we’d make an exception. Ltbugaf is from Poisson d’Avril, Virginia, and is sure to provide some bang-up?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùmaybe even controversial?¢‚Ǩ‚Äùposts.

10 thoughts on “April Fool’s – New Blogger

  1. I think Itbugaf will make an interesting addition to your team. I am looking forward to his insightful commentary!


  2. So…

    How many people got “Poisson d’Avril”?

    It got by me the first time, and I used to consider myself pretty fluent in French!

    I once played an April Fool’s joke on my girlfriend, while on my mission in Quebec. I wrote her a letter explaining that I had been transferred to Salt Lake City, to give tours to French-speaking tourists on Temple Square and nearby sites. My companion sent the envelope to some friends of my companion, in Utah, so they could apply a U.S. stamp and mail it; it arrived showing a Utah postmark. I then followed up with a regular letter starting out “April fool!”

    I thought it was hilarious at the time, but perhaps that was just my 19-year-old maturity level talking.

  3. ltbugaf

    It got by me the first time too, and I know at least that much French, lol.

    We had an April Fool’s joke the paper did a few years ago, saying the west side of Lethbridge was seceding from the rest of Lethbridge. At the time, living in west Lethbridge we thought that would be great and were rather disappointed it was a joke. Oh well. We prefer the southside now anyway.

  4. Actually, the fictional name of the town should have been a big tip-off, even if you don’t know what it means. Places in Virginia don’t have French names; every place here has either an American Indian name or is named after a place in England. :)

  5. Hey, I did the same practical joke as ltbugaf on my mission in 1979, only I cooperated with a friend in Venezuela to let people think I was being transferred from Switzerland to Venezuela to help German immigrants. I thought it was an original idea, too. Worked almost too well, I’m afraid. that’s another story. Stupid but fun.

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