Not Female

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If you phone to offer consultation for service on my home, but leave a message where you refer to me as a female, don’t be surprised if I don’t phone you back. In fact, don’t be surprised if I pick a different company.

7 thoughts on “Not Female

  1. sorry Kim if people think you are a female… from my perspective and defense,… in a small town of 500 people on a good day of a long weekend, all there was to do was sign out books over and over again from the town and school libraries. My favorite author in my teens (and still one of them now) was/is Rudyard Kipling. That was where your name came from. From one of his books. If you have never read Kim, (the title) you should get it to read where I got the inspiration to name my son whenever I was to get one. Read it to your children and tell them that was where you got your start from.

  2. Mum,

    Hey don’t apologise, I think Kim is a good name for a man. When people show their ignorance of the fact it is a man’s name, well, that’s their lack of education.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly, Mary.

    …and so does my son Florence.


    Could be worse, Kim could have been a Pat, Robin, Ricki, Sean, the list goes on and on…

  4. One can’t be too careful when addressing people these days. It’s hard to tell if some people are male or female, regardless of the name.

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