Elder Nelson marries a Canadian

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Elder Nelson marries a Canadian

5 thoughts on “Elder Nelson marries a Canadian

  1. I was reading about Russell M Nelson marrying a Canadian woman. He is 81 I believe. The article did not say how old she is. Any ideal? She taught at BYU. I expect she must be quite a bit younger than him to still be teaching. Any thoughts on having a topic on age differences for people marrying each other?

  2. I notice that very few Apostles remain unmarried for an extended period after the loss of a wife. It also seems that in nearly every case, the wife is a woman who has never married before. I’m sure there’s a variety of reasons for that. It does seem that there’s a sense of duty about it, though—that they ought to be married, and even that they should be helping the large number of single women in the Church to have the blessing of being married in this life.

    As I recall, President Hunter married his last wife when he was in his nineties and not long before his death. Joseph Fielding Smith married his last wife very late in life. He had three wives and outlived all of them. (His father beat him by two, as I recall, but only by having more than one at a time.)

  3. I have to chuckle at Affirmation’s take on this.

    Although it is common for older general authorities to remarry when their spouses die, I’m surprised that Affirmation missed the disapproval of such a “couples relationship” by M. Russell Ballard, in “The Sacred Responsibilities of Parenthood,” Ensign, Mar. 2006, page 26:

    “Far too many people view marriage as a “couples relationship,” designed to fulfill the emotional needs of adults rather than an institution for rearing children.”

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