Surrey YSA

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There’s a rumour that the Surrey BC YSA branch was dissolved today. Is this true?

10 thoughts on “Surrey YSA

  1. Yes, it’s fact not fiction. I can only guess that attendance had been low for a long period of time. They were due for a new branch presidency soon.

  2. it hasn’t been dissolved as of yet.. it is just in the planning stages as of now. Nothing official has happened. At least not as of yesterday morning (Sunday)

  3. let me rephrase… it WAS disbanded yesterday. I just checked with our Bishopric. I had misunderstood when I had been told in church yesterday that it was GOING to be disbanded. The information had been given wrong.

  4. Well it’s official… a member of the Stake Presidency came to our ward today to announce the YSA was disbanded last Sunday due to lack of attendance.

  5. So I guess you finally married everyone off, right?

    Why else would the young single adult ward need to close, I mean with the church expanding so much and all…


  6. Yeah, I agree with Kim.

    Nobody wants to stay in BC.

    Not with the Ralf cheques coming out just next door.


  7. More fun with every comment I get…

    Besides this is just payback for Kim putting me in the sideblog. :P

  8. hey I WANT to stay in BC!!!!!!!!!! and there may be a lot pf baptisms but you have to get YSA up and out the door Sundays to have a branch.. and it wasn’t happening… Although I do my very best at marrying everyone off :) Then they can have children which can then come to Primary

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